An Afternoon In Tierpark Bern

It was a nice afternoon to test my new camera 😀

I was not really planning to get D800 very early as the price is normally more expensive in Switzerland and I think the waiting list will be quite long as I didn’t order it soon after the announcement. But when I visit Saturn in Shoppyland Schönbul, I asked if they will have a D800 and the guy said “We don’t have it yet but I can order it for you if you want”. There was no other people order it yet from them. So I asked about the price, and to my surprise it was not so much more expensive than the internet shop, it was cheaper than normal photo shops in Switzerland. I couldn’t resist as I also have a voucher to get 10% gift card from my buying, which means I can get some  accessories for free, at least battery and SD cards 😀

I was expecting the delivery will be sometime in April, but to my surprise, it was just one week after the first official delivery ! So here I’m testing my D800 in the Tierpark Bern, together with my friend who just got a good deal of D700 😀

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