About Me

My name is Heru Fathurohman. I’m an Indonesian but I’ve been living and working in Switzerland since 2001. I’m an amateur photographer and I would like to share my passion of photography through this website.

In my gallery, you can find some of my pictures collection. Those pictures are divided into many categories, but basically they divided into 3 types of pictures:

  • Fine Art pictures, i.e. Landscapes, Nature, Sunset & Sunrise, Flower, Animal, etc.
  • Events pictures where I was involved or requested to cover the event.
  • Public events.

You can rate the pictures, make a comment and also send it as eCard to your friends/families.
You can also download the pictures from the Events category pictures. If you would like to have a copy of pictures from other categories, or you would like to have a bigger size, please contact me by email.

I will appreciate if you can leave me some comments and critiques in my pictures, or a message in my guestbook.

Thank you, and I hope you can enjoy your time during your visit.

Heru Fathurohman

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