Eagles & Horses

John Denver is one of my favourite singer. My first cassette (there was no CD at that time :D) I ever  bought is his album, Some Days Are Diamonds. Here is his song about my 2 favourite animals, Eagles & Horses.

Horses are creatures who worship the earth
As they gallop on feet of ivory
Constrained by the wonder of dying and birth
The horses still run, they are free

My body is merely the shell of my soul
But the flesh must be given it’s due
Like a pony that carries it’s rider back home
Like an old friend that’s tried and been true

I had a vision of eagles and horses
High on a ridge in a race with the wind
Goin’ higher and higher, faster and faster
On eagles and horses I’m flying again

Eagles inhabit the heavenly heights
They know neither limit nor bound
They’re the guardian angels of darkness and light
They see all and hear every sound

My spirit will never be broken or caught
For the soul is a free-flowing thing
Like an eagle that needs neither comfort nor thought
To rise up on glorious wings

John Denver, Eagles & Horses

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